Our company is now the destination point of computer technologists and customers for the ability to offer employment to thousands of people across the world. The founder, Judson Sutherland, whom the name of the company derives its name has worked day and night to change the world for the better.

We offer  computer electronics manufactured by other companies, servers, software, digital cameras, HDTVs, and many other computer gadgets. The company’s popularity again lies in its managements networking and the ability to deliver PCS to customers’ needs.

Why Choose Us?


Our company is dedicated to its goals to help other customers’ business to be on track without falling or backsliding. They offer customer care assistance to the customers, teaching them to be acquainted with new IT knowledge for their betterment.

Up-to Date

The new technology available keeps us growing. Installation of faster and more dependable internet makes it to be connected to the world that has now become a global village. The company is now working daily including weekends to provide continued support for you!

Online services

More and more people are nowadays online and their needs cannot be left unsolved. Customers can submit the service requests to our website instead of traveling long our offices.